Saffron is indeed the most expensive spice. Saffron has various usage and occasionally refer to as the rarest spice. You can think of saffron, an herb often worth more than gold. Some refer to saffron as a superlative. When you surf the internet, you find words such as red gold. Among all available spices by weight, saffron is the world's most costly. 

What is saffron?

To start with, saffron is a spice. A beautiful purple bluish color flower by the nameCrocus sativus is the home of saffron. Scholars suggest that Iran is the key player in the saffron industry with more than 3000 years of history.

Origin of Saffron

The origin and homeland of Saffron isIran. Greece is the suggested possible origin in some textbooks, too, but globally saffron is recognized as an Iranian spice. The eastern and northeastern provinces of Iran have large farms of Crocus.

Nowadays, there are other origins of saffron. Spain, Morocco, and the United States have shares in saffron tilling.

Ghayen: Home of Saffron

Within the town ofGhayen inKhorasan Province, working men and women, farmers, and the whole labor grow saffron with passion. This town isthe city of saffron. Despite the size of the city of Ghayen, the majority of the land is a farm for pure saffron.

Flower of Saffron

Saffron comes from Crocus Sativus. When you look at the plant up close, you can notice tiny antenna shapes; we call them stigmas. There are several stigmas at the heart of crocus. Sometimes they go by the name of the thread. These threads are bright red, and once theyre harvested and then dried, we can use them for different purposes. 

Where to Grow Saffron?

Organic saffron grows in a dry land. The land must be virgin. It means that for six years, crocus must not have been planted there. Then the ground requires constant tending. To cultivate the plant precisely, soil requires direct light. Although the eastern region of Iran has a dry climate, farmers must maintain a constant temperature.

When Farmers Grow Saffron?

Farmers start planting saffron crocus during cold days of winter. Crocus has bulbs instead of seeds, therefore looking them after during winter is very important. Farmers must be cautious about any sudden change in weather conditions.

When to harvest saffron?

Saffron crocus starts blooming in mid-October. With a time span of approximately 20 days, farmers must harvest them during night time. Crocus petals should not open; that's why farmers work at night. Each saffron crocus has a height of approximately 20 cm. 

According to studies, each flower gives an average of 30 mg saffron. Each closed non-petal flower is then under meticulous care. Handpicking stigmas into containers to airlock them. This diligent and commitment is no less than an art.. 

Why Saffron is expensive?

To have 1 kg of pure saffron, crocus of a volume of a football field must be harvested. Thats why saffron is valuable, like gold. Saffron is very expensive because it requires a tremendous amount of care and labor force. For only 1 gram of pure organic saffron, at least 150 flowers must be harvested. 

A Crucus with blooms needs to be harvested by hand. All these endeavors, tending and suffering, necessitates significant appraisal. With your purchase fromKian Spices, you can directly help partner farmers nurture their lands.

Uses of saffron

Saffron is a common ingredient in Persian dishes. Almost every house in Iran adds a small dosage of saffron to their Iranian rice. But besides cooking in general, people consumesaffron for its health benefits.

Saffron for cooking

Iranians use saffron for cooking. You can add saffron like any other spice directly to your food. A pure saffron ground is suitable for flavor seafood. Expert chefs suggest using saffron 30 minutes before serving your dish. This helps you to have a very rich aroma and taste.

Saffron for skin

Saffron takes care of radiant skin. To use a more clinically accurate word, it lightens your skin. It acts as an anti-inflammatory agent.Saffron treats black spots and acne in a short time.

Saffron for depression

Its not a myth, but instead, clinical research shows saffron is a prescription for depression patients. There are more than enough studies to prove saffron acts as an antidepressant. However, like any other spice or ingredient, you should not overuse it.

Drink saffron

Brew fresh saffron threads in hot boiling water, and serve yourself a refreshing drink. You can leave it in the room and later on add some ice, brown sugar, rosewater, and a spoon of Chia seed, to make afantastic refreshing saffron beverage.

Stay fit with saffron

Saffron has many health benefits. It helps curb your appetite and reduce cravings. There are supplements with saffron for weight loss aid. However, we suggest you use pure and organic saffron to stay fit and healthy.

Side effects of saffron

If you use saffron more than the suggested daily dosage, you may feel some side effects. For monthly usage, it is advised not to exceed more than 3 grams. If this amount is exceeded, it can lead to diarrhea, icterus, food-poisoning, nosebleeds, and lips faintness.

Saffron and pregnancy

During the first three months of pregnancy, its better to avoid saffron. Saffron has a negative effect on hormone balance in pregnant women. This can be harmful to the fetus..