What classifies the quality of saffron in 2021?

Shapes, varieties and types can determine a high-quality saffron. Saffron is a premium spice with a high price level. As Kian Spice, we have customization for our customers and different products according to your needs.

1. What are the shapes of saffron?

According to ISO 3632-1: 2011, saffron comes in the forms of:

a threads and cut threads; b powder.r.


2. What are the qualities of saffron?

To classify saffron, three main components are checked in the laboratory. During the measurement, substances such as crocin, safranal and picrocrocin are used to evaluate saffron according to color, aroma and taste. The authenticity of the saffron as an end product is then classified based on these measured values.

3. What are the types of saffron?

There are five types of saffron. Each has a unique name according to their readings and grades.

1 Negin saffron: Negin saffron is the most valuable type of saffron. Negin is also the most expensive saffron. Negin saffron is a pure red thread segment of the stigma. To successfully harvest high quality negin, the scars in Crocus savitus must be thick..

2 Sargol saffron: Sargol saffron is a premium saffron variety. The reading index of Sargol saffron is very similar to that of Negin. Difficult to see, but the scars in Sargol are darker in color compared to Negin..

Quick Fact: What is the Difference Between Negin and Sargol?

If a cluster in the form of three equal-sized scars can be seen in the petals of Crocus savitus, it is a negin product. You should know that caring for and wearing this type requires expert knowledge; therefore it is the most expensive.

3 Pushal saffron: Pushal saffron is the stigma and style of Crocus savitus. The color starts off with a deep red and gradually reaches cream and yellowish tones as it is down. The usual length of the style is 1-3 millimeters..

4 Bunch Saffron: Bunch Saffron has a full style. This means that the farmers harvest scars with full style in the form of bundles. They also refer to it as Dokhtar pich or Dasteh..

5 Konj Saffron: Konj Saffron is the lowest quality saffron. The coloring index and the aroma are almost very low.