Iranian black tea:

Among the most widely consumed beverages, first place is water, and second place belongs to black tea. Pure Iranian black tea without any ingredients is the healthiest drink there is on earth! Black tea is full of antioxidants and nutritious compounds that our bodies need in a daily diet. A cup of black tea helps our brain work better, reduces fat, and lowers the risk of cancer..

Single source tea:

We offer hand-picked Sargol black tea. He is valuable. The tea leaves are traditionally harvested from the green hills of Lahijan Iran. The drying process and preparation require a lot of work. And the final product goes through several tests in laboratories to ensure its high quality.

How to properly brew Iranian tea:

Put 1 teaspoon of Iranian black tea in a porcelain or ceramic mug.
Pour hot water 90 degrees and wait 7 to 8 minutes while the lid is coveredst
You can add saffron or rose buds to add flavor and aroma
a pure black tea with no sweet ingredients is a low-calorie drink.k.

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