Kian Spice Limited Edition Saffron Box


Kian Spice Saffron - The spice for all connoisseurs

Our products enchant your dishes with an oriental touch and are easy to process with our mortar set. You can also use our product in drinks - take your tea experience to a new level with our aromatic saffron products.


 Our limited edition gift box includes:

- 2g Super Negin Saffron Smooth A A+++

- 2g Konj White Saffron A A+

- Hand Made mortar sete)


More information about our product:

  • without genetic technology
  • without colorings and preservatives
  • without added flavors
  • free from hydrogenated fats

Super negin the super negin saffron is our high premium saffron.What defines the high quality level is the deep red color, the unique fragrance, the smoothness and the length approx. 3cm.).

Conj is just the yellow type of saffron that has a good amount of saffranal and little crocin in it. This strain doesn't have the color strength of the other strains, but you can enjoy the health benefits of high levels of Safranal from this strain.

Möser set our mortar set is processed exclusively by hand. E.t is small but nice and feels great in the hand.

Rose petals have various properties, such as:

  • Support in losing weight and burning fat
  • Reduce anxiety and improve mood
  • Contains powerful antioxidants
  • Improve sleep and sex
  • Softening breasts and relieving coughs
  • Many other properties for skin and hair

Tea with rose petals:

We recommend adding rose flower buds to your Persian black tea for greater enjoyment. In addition to the great aroma, the properties of this tea and consuming rose petals help regulate menstruation and improve mood.

It also contains vitamins C, B1, B2 and K, reduces inflammation and fights infections.

The tea also helps against constipation.


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